Kirill Orlov

Moscow, Russia · +7 (925) 190-4159 · [email protected]

I am a software developer with 11 years experience, proficient in handling complex tasks across stacks and/or functional domains.
Driven by agile principles(especially passionate about lean and kanban) I always encourage team to adopt CI/CD pipelines wherever reasonable.
Working in enterprise I drive innovation spirit and always do a little bit extra effort to improve all kind of things around.


Assistant Vice President


Deutsche Bank Tech Centre

Development for finance instruments trading system. C# (WPF), Java, JavaScript(Angular).
Focused on bringing agile spirit, practices and innovations into enterprise banking.
Got several internal awards, been internal tech speaker for two years.

Delivered a change of authentication system across the stack (3 monolith apps were affected, both backend/frontend)
Was recognized as T-Shape specialist (had to write code in C#, Java, Groovy, JS/Angular).
Owned and continuously improved builds and deployment ecosystem across the stack (6 monolith apps, tens of microservices).

January 2019 - Present
September 2014 - January 2019


Founded escape rooms marketplace with reviews, bookings, e.t.c.
Created from scratch using ASP.NET MVC @ Azure / Entity Framework + SQL Server.
After some time migrated to ASP.NET 5 on Kubernetes, and wrote custom in-memory database.
Added ElasticSearch for metrics and logs. Used GitLab for teamwork.
Sold business because failed to find product/market fit and decided to focus on technical challenges.

August 2014 - December 2017

Software Developer


Mostly C#/WPF-development.
Integrated WebKit-based browser (cefsharp) for custom notification system;
Implemented in-app purchases;
Designed & implemented notification center;
Developed new installer for higher conversion rate;
Implemented from scratch vector-based content editor with zooming/panning and moving/resizing objects.
Left because there were no space for growth anymore.

March 2011 - September 2014



Management of internet-based projects
Wrote diploma on EscapeTeams for strategic management from business perspective
September 2015 - June 2016

Moscow State University of Engineering and Computer Science

Software of computational hardware and automated systems
Sept 2006 - June 2011


On free time I'm either at gym or tinkering with low-level hardware like 3D printers, embedded systems, CNC/laser engravers and so on.

Particularly fond of brain teasers and escape rooms.