Privet / Hallo! My name is Kirill, and I am a hand-on tech lead, software engineer, and machining enthusiast based in the vibrant city of Berlin. Prior to my relocation to Europe in June 2022, I resided in Moscow, Russia.

With my extensive experience in software engineering spanning over a decade, I have acquired the proficiency to effectively tackle complex projects that require diverse technical skills across various technology stacks. I am driven by agile principles, particularly kanban methodologies. I am well-versed in CI/CD pipelines and continuous improvement processes. Skilled in leadership, management, and mentoring junior developers to achieve team objectives. Goal-oriented with a strong focus on delivering results and meeting targets. Exceptional troubleshooting skills with the ability to analyze and resolve complex technical issues quickly.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, GitHub, Telegram and Facebook. Additionally, you may reach out to me via email at [email protected].



Principal Engineer (March 2024 - Now)

A bit of Java :)

Deutsche Bank Tech Centre

Engineering Manager / Technical Lead (January 2019 - February 2024)

Lead a cross-functional platform team of six individuals, focusing on tackling technical/infrastructure tasks to enable other development teams to efficiently deliver their projects. This included hiring, backlog ownership, managing stakeholder expectations. My team is responsible for the CI/CD and platform observability of the dealer to client department (over 60 software engineers): overseeing builds, deployment pipelines, and E2E testing infrastructure, UAT and production environments, metrics (Prometheus) and logs (Splunk). Migrated a low-latency stack of services from Oracle Java 8 to OpenJDK 11, which resulted in significant cost savings on Oracle�s licensing for Java. That also allowed our engineers to use modern features of the Java language. The project involved 150+ servers, 400 deployment units, and over 2000 processes. Maintained an infrastructure running across the globe (US, EMEA, APAC) that supports trading desks scattered across regions.

Successfully fulfilled audit requirements to secure secret�s management, safe secrets storage, and transparent migration of existing configurations to be secured with no extra development and testing efforts from engineering and QA teams. Responsible for containerization of a trading stack to run on Kubernetes (Google Anthos): analysys, project planning, resource allocation, POC to ensure a low risk and smooth migration. Conducted a number of knowledge transfer sessions to fellow devops and software engineers to help with a new technology adoption. Provided an onboarding help to new joiners making sure they are up to speed and ready to deliver value promptly. Trained and onboarded junior engineers.

Senior Developer September 2014 - January 2019

Developed of a bonds and swaps electronic trading system using C# (WPF), Java, and JavaScript (Angular). This system serves multiple trading desks across the world (Americas, EMEA, APAC). I focused on bringing agile practices and innovations into the enterprise banking environment and received several internal awards. I was also an internal tech speaker for multiple years. I delivered a change of authentication system across the stack, which affected three monolith apps, both backend and frontend, which allowed to simplify onboarding of new traders. Extended existing standalone electronic trading application to support an internal framework akin to Glue42. That framework allows to accelerate digital transformation by reducing the complexity, giving more control and decreasing the cost when migrating and integrating systems. With this framework it s possible to create/migrate highly optimized workspaces that provide a focused and optimized users experience resulting in increased productivity Used C#, Java, Groovy, JS/Angular as my go to languages to deliver projects. I also owned and continuously improved the builds and deployment ecosystem across the stack, which included six monolith apps and tens of microservices.


Software Developer (March 2011 - September 2014)

I primarily worked on C#/WPF development - integrated a WebKit-based browser (cefsharp) for a custom notification system, implemented in-app purchases, designed and implemented a notification center, developed a new installer for higher conversion rates, and created a vector-based content editor with zooming/panning and moving/resizing objects. I left the company as there were no more opportunities for growth.


Moscow State University of Engineering and Computer Science (Sept 2006 - June 2011)

Specialist Degree in Software of computational hardware and automated systems

Courses and trainings

Stratoplan (Feb 2021 - June 2021)

“Stratoplan Black - Team” course

Engineering Management and Leading a Teams

RMA (September 2015 - June 2016)

Management of internet-based projects