Privet! My name is Kirill, and I am a passionate software developer living in a beautiful city of Berlin. I lived in Moscow, Russia until 24 of June 2022 year, when because of a war in Ukraine I had to relocate to Europe.

Having 11 years of software engineering experience I am proficient in handling complex tasks across tech stacks and/or functional domains. Driven by agile principles (especially passionate about lean and kanban) I am fond of CI/CD pipelines and continuous improvement process. Working in enterprise I drive innovation spirit and always do a little more to improve all kind of things around me and to enable everyone to deliver better things in more fast, predictable and secure way.

You can get in touch with me on LinkedIn, GitHub, Telegram and Facebook.

Also you can always drop me an email to [email protected].


Deutsche Bank Tech Centre

Assistant Vice President (Engineering Manager) (January 2019 - Present)

TeamLead and Product Owner for cross-functional platform team (6 people), focused on challenging technical and infrastructure tasks to enable other teams to move faster in predictable way. Hiring people, backlog owning, managing expectations of stakeholders (business and other teams), training young specialists (graduates, interns).

Owned CI/CD for 6 teams (helped, guided, and controlled builds, servers configuration, deployment pipelines, E2E testing infrastructure). Used OpenShift, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, bash-scripting and in-house solutions.

As a manager completed a project of migration from Oracle’s Java 8 to OpenJDK 11 (150+ servers, 400 deployment units, 2000+ processes). This led to huge cost savings on Oracle’s licensing for Java.

Development of UI (C#/WPF and JS) and Backend (Java, C#, Kotlin, Grails) parts of bonds/swaps trading app.

Associate September 2014 - January 2019

Development of bonds and swaps trading system. C# (WPF), Java, JavaScript(Angular). Focused on bringing agile spirit, practices and innovations into enterprise banking. Got several internal awards, been internal tech speaker for multiple years.

Delivered a change of authentication system across the stack (3 monolith apps were affected, both backend/frontend).

Was recognized as T-Shape specialist (had to write code in C#, Java, Groovy, JS/Angular).

Owned and continuously improved builds and deployment ecosystem across the stack (6 monolith apps, tens of microservices).


Founder (August 2014 - December 2017)

Founded escape rooms marketplace with reviews, bookings, e.t.c.

Created from scratch using ASP.NET MVC @ Azure / Entity Framework + SQL Server.

After some time migrated to ASP.NET 5 on Kubernetes, and wrote custom in-memory database.

Added ElasticSearch for metrics and logs. Used GitLab for teamwork.

Sold business because failed to find product/market fit and decided to focus on technical challenges.


Software Developer (March 2011 - September 2014)

Mostly C#/WPF-development. Integrated WebKit-based browser (cefsharp) for custom notification system; Implemented in-app purchases; Designed & implemented notification center; Developed new installer for higher conversion rate; Implemented from scratch vector-based content editor with zooming/panning and moving/resizing objects. Left because there were no space for growth anymore.





Stratoplan (Feb 2021 - June 2021)

“Stratoplan Black - Team” course

Learning to be a good team lead

RMA (September 2015 - June 2016)

Management of internet-based projects

Wrote a graduation work on EscapeTeams for strategic management from business perspective

Moscow State University of Engineering and Computer Science (Sept 2006 - June 2011)

Software of computational hardware and automated systems


I am particularly interested in 3D printing / lasers / CNC machining, fond of tinkering with hardware devices.

In my spare time I work out in a gym, mostly powerlifting.